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Conway House Dental Practice also offers a currently complementary Facial Aesthetic consultation to help make you look and feel your best. We provide medical skincare products, holistic advice to improve your appearance and wellbeing and non-surgical treatments.

ZO SkincareThe most important way to improve the appearance of your skin is a bespoke skincare regime. Our Dentist and Aesthetic Practitioner is an advocate of ZO Medical Grade Skincare introduced by Dr. Zein Obagi, the world-renowned skincare expert, who made huge changes in the field of Dermatology for the last 35 years.

Good skincare can truly compact the effects of ageing, genetics and environmental damage. Unhealthy skin looks rough, dry, deflated and has an uneven tone. Healthy skin is soft, firm, hydrated and has an even tone.

ZO has tailored programs for different skin conditions and maintenance programs to allow long-lasting results. There is an anti-ageing, anti-redness, anti-acne and anti-pigmentation program. There are 5 fundamental products:

1 - Wash
2 - Scrub
3 - Oil Control
4 - Daily Power Defence
5 - Sunscreen

Then, there are tailored products based on your skin concerns.

A skin peel uses a specific chemical solution to promote exfoliation and skin turnover, usually taking 30 minutes to complete.
A mild skin peel can remove the most superficial and damaged layers of skin to help with small blemishes and has anti-ageing effects for a fresh appearance.
A deeper peel may be more suitable in certain circumstances (deeper wrinkles or deep pigmentation for example) but there is more downtime (around 1 week).
You may feel some tingling or mild discomfort during the peel, which resolves soon after. It is important to avoid excessive sun exposure whilst your skin renews and settles after your peel.

There are home peels or stronger in-surgery peels available.

ZO Stimulator Peel or 'Red-carpet-ready' Peel

- For all skin types
- Contains lactic, citric and glycolic acid - Works on the epidermis i.e. more superficial peel
- Brightens and smoothens
- Can be performed weekly
- No downtime

ZO Medical 3-Step Peel

- For all skin types
- Works on epidermis and dermis i.e. deeper peel
- Restores hydration, reduces pigmentation, tightens and softs the skin, improves acne
- Can be performed monthly
- Some downtime

Step 1: The peel contains salicylic, acetic and lactic acid, and also saponins to minimise inflammation and glycerin for hydration.

Step 2: Application of 6% Retinol Creme for collagen production and firming.

Step 3: Application of a calming cream post procedure to support the skin's regenerative process

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