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6 Tips for nervous patients to get over dental practice anxiety

The role of dental visits in keeping your oral hygiene on track cannot be emphasised enough. Routine dental check-ups also help in diagnosing any potential dental problems and prepare you for early intervention.Read more

All you need to know about using a mouthwash

Mouthwash or liquid mouth rinse is a great way to help you clean your teeth. It cannot replace brushing and flossing but can augment the process of teeth cleaning when combined with them.Read more


Oral health is a crucial part of your overall well-being. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums holds immense importance and must not be neglected.Read more


The tongue holds paramount importance when it comes to maintaining good oral health. The significance of brushing your teeth twice a day,Read more


Have you often felt some grittiness in your mouth at night? Or do you frequently need to drink water at night to keep your mouth moist? Read more


Do you often experience sudden sharp pain in your teeth radiating towards the jaw on eating hot or cold food items? This transient pain may be indicative of "tooth sensitivity."Read more


Right from early childhood, you are brushing your teeth, but have you ever thought is this the right toothbrush for you?Read more


Are you struggling with gaps in your dentition created due to lost, broken, or extracted teeth? Well, there can be a plethora of genetic as well as acquired reasons for missing teeth. Irrespective of the cause, missing teeth need to be replaced by some artificial means at the earliest possible as they hinder a lot of your day-to-day activities.Read more


Tooth decay is an inadvertent event that occurs commonly in people of all age groups. Your lifestyle, eating habits, hygiene routine, everything has a significant impact on your oral health. If you are negligent towards your teeth and consume a lot of junk food, tooth decay is clearly impending. Read more


Crooked teeth or misaligned teeth can be seen commonly in children as well as in adults. There can be congenital and acquired causes of crooked teeth. Not only do they make your smile unpleasant, but misaligned teeth can also create other nuisances inside your mouths such as overcrowding, Read more

Your complete guide to Invisalign braces

An enchanting smile automatically makes you look ten times more attractive. This is the reason why everyone craves for a perfect smile. Dental abnormalities are not uncommon, but dental science has a solution for all your dental troubles. Read more

How can lingual braces improve your smile

Malformations in the structure of teeth is not an uncommon phenomenon. According to a survey, nearly 40% of the UK population is not satisfied with their teeth. Read more

What is an orthodontist, and what methods does he use?

The general public is mostly unfamiliar with specialisations in dentistry and refers to doctors from each domain of oral care as a dentist. However, dentistry contains numerous specialities.. Read more

Your comprehensive guide to dental crowns

Teeth are pearls which form an integral part of your appearance. They play a pivotal role in making you more attractive and hence, need special attention and care. Read more

What is the best way to stop loud snoring

Your snoring causes an inadvertent disturbance in your partner's peaceful sleep or other members of your family. Snoring is a physiological phenomenon, Read more

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dental implants

No one wants to have repulsive gaps in their dentition created due to missing teeth as it may ruin the beauty of their smile. Apart from the cosmetic issues, missing teeth also disrupt the normal functions of the mouth, Read more

Types of oral surgeries and what should you expect

What is oral surgery? Oral surgery, as the name indicates, includes the surgery of any part of the oral cavity. A more commonly used term is oral and maxillofacial surgeries which include.. Read more

Can a dentist test for mouth cancer?

The scariest word for people to hear these days is CANCER. The plight of being diagnosed with cancer is much more than the disease itself. Read more

10 reasons why your kid needs a dentist

A kid's smile is the source of elation for parents and can brighten up anyone's mood within seconds. It is imperative to keep this precious smile intact. Read more

Is it better to get a root canal treatment or a tooth extraction?

With increasing unhealthy eating trends, and neglecting oral hygiene, it is fairly common to have dental caries/tooth decay nowadays. This poses a risk of infection spreading to adjacent structures, Read more

Does wearing a brace hurt?

Well, we all know that people who wear braces have to confront a hard time. It’s not an easy change, but for the sake of your teeth, you have to wear them. When you meet a person who wears braces, the first question you’ll most probably ask is Read more

How to straighten crooked teeth?

Crooked or misaligned teeth are fairly common these days, for both children and adults. Both the primary and secondary teeth may erupt in a disorderly way or become crowded over time, sometimes due the ageing process alone. Read more

Dental implants vs dentures: What's right for you?

Missing teeth are often an unpleasant sight and a potential cause of embarrassment. A gap created due to missing teeth is not just cosmetically undesirable, Read more

Facial Aesthetics

Everyone wants flawless and perfect skin, be it the teenagers or the elderly, the fact that ever glowing and healthy skin attracts people is undeniable. People try a lot of options on their own for minor cosmetic problems .. Read more

Cosmetic bonding: A modest treatment for the voids in your teeth

It is not uncommon to develop chips or cracks in your teeth. You may get them from sources like trauma, infection, gaps present from birth, or various other causes. Whatever may be the underlying cause, Read more

How long does teeth whitening last?

Unsightly stains on your teeth often become the cause of languishing self-esteem. You find yourself rendering excuses to avoid social gatherings as you may have to face humiliation because of your stained teeth. Read more

How can white fillings restore your natural smile?

Your smile is a potent tool that promotes your confidence. Teeth determine, to a large extent, the appearance of your smile.Read more

Cosmetic composite bonding

It is not uncommon to develop chips or cracks in your teeth. You may get them from sources like trauma, infection, gaps present from birth, or various other causes. Read more

Payment Options

Here at Conway House Dental Practice we pride ourselves in being totally patient focussed and this includes producing a range of payment options for all our patients; Read more

How Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

Veneers are a very good option to help improve the cosmetic appearance of stained, chipped, or crowded teeth. Veneers can be made to look like natural teeth. Read more

Nervous Dental patients at Conway House Dental Practice

Our dentists and dental team provide a very relaxed and calming environment. We make sure that our patients receive the best possible care and attention. Read more

Emergency Dental Treatment

A dental emergency is a type of medical emergency involving the teeth, gums or the head and neck region. Pain involving these parts of the mouth, even when minor, can indicate a severe underlying problem that could worsen with time. Read more

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